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OMG sooooo many HP feels, i can’t even






So I adore Ron, and I personally think that while the movies don’t give him enough credit/all the scenes he deserves- he does got a good dozens of scenes in the movies.

So I made a list of the most Awesome/best Ron//Romione movies in movies 1-8. And I need Gifs of those moments. 

so what I need from you amazing Ron//Romione fans is one of two things:

Either 1.  reblog this post with found gifs of the scenes I ask for. 

or 2. If you’re Great at making gifs and have ALL the hp movies to make gifs- PLEASEEEEEE make gifs from the missing scenes.

so, the list of Awesome Ron//Romione scenes in all 8 movies are:

(And If there’s a particular badass/epic Ron or sweet romione moment please link/do me a gifs of those too):

so i need gifs of:

Ron and Harry meeting on the train 

*Ron knocking the troll with wingardium leviosa:

*Ron feeling worried about Harry spending so much time with the mirror of erised (deleted scene):

*The Chess scene (“It has to be you Harry; not Me, Not Hermione- You!)


**Important— “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT ONE MALFOY!! Eat slugs!”

"What About my Sister?! you’re the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher! you can’t leave now!"


*defends Harry* Piss off Malfoy!:

*”Good Job Harry! ( at DADA class): 

*Worried Ron in hospital wing after Harry falls during quidditch game.

*”Hermione he’s not worth it! *Hermione punches Malfoy* Not Good, bloody brilliant!* (PoA).

*Ron making a grudging effort to see harry (“Ron told me that seamus told him…”)

*The reconciliation between Harry and Ron (“No see it was me all along who told you about the dragons”)

*Ron & harry talking during study hour (“At this rate we won’t get dates”) (GoF)

*OotP!!!! : (where Ron went back to not be just comic relief):

*Ron pulls back Harry and prevents him from punching Malfoy.

*Ron defends Harry:
"Seamus: you don’t believe all the rubbish he’s saying about YKW?Ron: Yeah, I do, Does anyone else has a problem with Harry?/Don’t listen to Seamus Harry.:

*Ron worried about Harry having nightmares. (dormitory scene):

*Ron is concerned about Harry having scars on his hands (EVEN when Hermione is the one getting the dialogue)

*when sirius appears in the fireplace*
*Ron: what they think we’re building some sort of wizard army?

*At the hog’s head:
Zacharias smith: Why?
Ron: Why? Cause Voldemort is back, you toss pot!

Ron: *when people start saying cool stuff about harry* third year he fought 100 dementors at once.

*”Hermione you’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met”

*Ron going “Yay! Harry! and saying “congratulations mate in DA.:

*Ron making Hermione laugh. (talk about cho kiss):

*Ron’s smiley glances between himself and Hermione at Grimauld place.

*Ron trying to encourage harry after Umbridge busts the DA and Dumbledore leaves. (“the more you care the more you lose” *before hagrid-grawp scene):

*Ron tries to save Hermione from Grawp.:

* (Harry and Hermione return from leaving umbridge in the forest)

Ron: I told them I was hungry and wanted some sweets, they told me to bugger off and ate them.
Hermione: That was Clever Ron!Ron: *cheeky grin* It’s been known to happen. /You don’t have to do this by yourself mate.

*Harry thinking of BOTH Ron and Hermione while being possessed:

*Ron checking in on harry in the Gryffindor common room after they escape from DoM

*The spearmint toothpaste scene

*The trio laughing and joking in the burrows (dumbledore is 150? give or take a few years?):

*Deleted scene- Ron and hermione share a moment in Knockturn alley while harry tries to spy on malfoy.:

*don’t you find it strange that draco and his mommy are a skulking around?

*Come on Harry we’ve got a game to win!/ being awesome in the game.

*R/Hr scene at the three broomsticks- you’ve got something on you… *hermione whips butterbeer off her lip*/”oh bloody hell. I’m leaving./ you can’t be serious/ that’s my sister/So?/if she saw you snogging me would you get up and leave?.

*McG: why is it always you three?/ Ron: Believe me prof. i been asking myself that for six years

*The Er-My-o-Nee scene.

*Ron is the one that gives harry the idea of using felix felicis to get the memory out of slughorn.

DH!!!- Parts 1 & 2:
*Harry & Ron hug in privet drive.
*Romione hug after the seven potter’s scene. “Always that tone of surprise!*

*IMPORTANT- Ron trying to dissuade Harry from going off alone*:
Ron *To harry* Going somewhere?
Harry: no one else is going to die, not for me.
Ron: For you? you think mad eye died for you? you might be the chosen one mate, but this is a whole lot bigger than that. It’s always been bigger than that.
Harry: Come with me.Ron: and leave hermione? are you mad? we wouldn’t last two days without her!

*Romione loving glances at the Wedding scene.

*Ron “You’re amazing!” to Hermione about her beaded bag.

*at the cafe- Ron recognizing the DE and wanting to kill them, Hermione stopping him/ Ron trusting hermione to do the obliviating spell.

*Hermione tries to teach Ron to play the piano

*Ron defending hermione against kreacher’s slurs.

*Ron trying to convince Mary Cattermole that he’s not reg and to leave and get her kids to safety.

*The splinching scene and Hermione fretting over Ron.

*Deleted scene! Ron explaining the taboo.

*Deleted scene- Ron and hermione play by the lake shore, ron trying to teach hermione how to make pebbles skip.:

The fight between Harry and Ron before Ron “leaves”. (the  ”Yeah I’m still here” flickers deluminator scene-

*Ron coming back, saving Harry and destroying the locket

*Deleted scene-in behind the scenes (“The frozen lake”):
Ron- I’m sorry I left.
Harry: Well you more than made up for it tonight. getting the sword, finishing up the horcrux, saving me.

*Ron’s “Ball of light” speech.

*Ron and Harry friendship moment after he comes back:
"How long do you reckon  she’ll stay mad at me?
Harry: Just keep talking about the little ball of light touching your heart and she’ll come around.
Ron: I mean it every word. Maybe that’s why Dumbledore left it to me, the deluminator…

*Ron trying to protect Hermione from the snatchers.

*At Malfoy manor.Ron struggling to break free to help hermione/ “Let her go!”/ *Bellatrix is about to kill hermione* Ron: Like Hell! (runs in and is a badass!):

*Romione cling together scene in shell cottage.

*After they return to hogwarts and are in the RoR*
Ron: she hasn’t seen me in months and treats me like i’m frankie first year, i’m her brother/Shut up seamus.

*Ron figures out Harry is in the room of requirement- Hermione is impressed and in awe- scene.:

*Ron and Hermione in the chamber of secrets:
Ron- *speaks parseltongue and opens the chamber* Harry talks in his sleep, haven’t you noticed? *grin*

*Ron encourages Hermione to destroy the cup.:

*Romione reunites with harry:Ron: we been in the chamber of secrets
Harry: what?Hermione: Ron was brilliant!,etc,etc

*That’s my girlfriend you numpty!/If we die for them I’m going to kill you harry!:

Ron encouraging Harry to use his voldemort-link to see where nagini (..”We can end this”):

Deleted scenes (revealed in BTS* - Ron yells in defiance at Voldemort’s announcement that they have to hand in harry/ “He beat you!”

*IMPORTANT- Ron at the sight of Dead!Fred.

*Romione against Nagini- scene.


I would need as many as possible before the 14?

so, PLEASE, help? please Ron fans?

They’re MMAD for each other

hpshipweeks- Week 11—- Free Ship—- Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonagall- Part 1






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(Screw that post-books interview- MMAD Forever)

Wow, good job on this one Weasley, let’s go.Sorry ?Don’t you want to go home ? You’ve been in this dump all day.Who are you ?Vic, it’s me. It’s Teddy. Cut it out. Can we go now ?I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are.


Anonymous asked: A random Hogwarts couple- the guy is a photographer and the girl is his model. Teddy/Victoire



Tedoire Playlist (Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley)

  1. Hot - Avril Lavigne
  2. Two is Better than One - Boys Like Girls
  3. All Back - Chris Brown
  4. Don’t You - Darren Criss
  5. It’s Gonna Be Love - Mandy Moore
  6. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
  7. Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat 
  8. As Long You’re There - Charice 
  9. Cupid’s Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
  10. It’s You - Stevie Wonder & Dionne Warwick 
  11. Count Em One Two Three - The Maine
  12. This Is For Real - Motion City Soundtrack


Teddy and Victoire by ~Nikola94

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